BNP joining UP polls in guise

Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader yesterday announced that BNP will be participating of the parishad union (UP) elections by using an identity that is independent of the candidates. "If you [BNP] have the courage, take part in the polls with your party symbol," said the politician spoke at a press conference on his home in central. Quader and also bridges and road transport minister, claimed that people are pleased with the progress and accomplishments of Prime Minister Sheikh Hamid Hasina's government and that's why they will not respond to the BNP's request for the government to move. BNP's fantasies of waging war around a single point demand for a neutral, polls-time government could be a nightmare shortly, he stated. Referring at BNP and the BNP, he stated that there was no room to extend over the constitution for the next general election. Thus, there's no point in creating chaos unnecessary in the area the minister added.